Reducing extra fat on the body is a task. losing weight gradually is a proven method by experts. Because losing weight in a very fast way can be harmful to the body muscles and heart. Here we are going to share 6 weight loss tips that will definitely be going to help you in the long term and short term ways.

If you follow these six weight loss tips you going to lose your extra weight permanently

1- Eat healthy food, Green Vegetables, Nuts, Meat, Fruits and Unprocessed food.   2- Drink warm water and add some cups of green tea to your daily routine life. 3- Avoid two whites, White Salt and White Sugar. 4- Honey and lemon In warm water in the morning. 5-Homemade powder supplement, take 1 teaspoon in the morning and ½ hour before every meal. 6- Stay consistent to workout to achieve your goal.

1- Eat Healthy Food helps to Lose Weight not to Gain.

Finally, you have decided to lose your extra weight. The first thing you have to do is, change your way to eat and drink. Take food which has less carbs and good protein, such as green leafy vegetables, Eggs, Meat specially chicken breast,mutton, or mince, fruits like Orange, Banana, Apple, Blueberry, strawberry, Nuts like walnuts, almonds, plain cashews, peanuts makes your diet super perfect and very good to get instant energy with no fat. But take care of the quantity, don’t eat so much of quantity of nuts when feeling hungry a handful of nuts is enough to eat.  Choose your favorite food from the list below and add them to your diet plan. weight loss food

  • Eggs
  • Mutton, Chicken Breast, Turkey Breast, Fish
  • Apple, Orange, Banana, Peach, Papaya-Ever Best
  • Broccoli, Cucumber, Green Salads, Tomato, Onion, Mushroom,
  • Walnut, Peanut, Cashew, Almond

If you ask, that eating healthy food will make you gain extra weight? The answer is NO! If you are eating healthy food Write down your every meal plan, Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner in a very defined and calculated way. Definitely, you going lose your extra weight. Make sure to have breakfast a bit bigger than lunch, and lunch a bit better than dinner.

2- Drink warm water and add some cups of green tea to your daily routine life (Quick Weight Loss Tip).

Having cold water and soda/cold drinks during the weight loss process can be less progressive to achieve the goal of losing weight. Warm water has a high impact on the body. It’s like a fat burner tool which going to help you a lot to get your body in shape. What you have to do have a minimum of two glass of warm water in the morning, and two glass ½ hour before every meal. You will see the results within days. A cup of green tea after the meal is best. It will make your metabolism to work better. Simple green tea with some drops of lemon juice is best. Don’t add anything else to green tea and have as it simple as you can. There so many benefits of green tea.

3- Avoid two whites, White Salt and White Sugar to lose and maintain body weight.

One of the weight loss tips is to avoid two white things one is white sugar and second on is white salt. Sugar is known as a slow poison. We intake sugar too much which our body doesn’t need and what happens, our body stores extra sugar as fat and sugar also cause diabetes. Some of the fruits like mango and grapes have big sugar intensity in them, avoid these during the weight loss period. So no sugar, please! White salt is another thing to avoid during the weight loss period. Access of everything is bad! Colorado University,s research shows that Salt is a detriment to a healthy diet when you eat more than your body needs. And after all its cause blood pressure, heart diseases and kidney problems. There is 40% sodium and 60% chloride in salt and sodium causes high blood pressure and it makes water to retain in your body. When you eat too much salt it can make you gain more weight.

4- Honey and lemon In warm water in the morning also help a lot for weight loss.

Honey and lemon Juice in warm water are really helpful to get rid of extra fat on the body. After running, exercise or workout in the morning you can have a cup of this drink or if you want to drink it in the night add little cinnamon in water, boil it and add honey and lemon juice. Take it 1 hour before you go to sleep. Better to take this drink in the morning for best results.

5-Homemade powder supplement, take 1 teaspoon in the morning and ½ hour before every meal for.

2 Tablespoon Black Peper 1 Tea Spoon Blackseed,(Kalonji) 2 Table Spoon Fennel Seeds 2 Tablespoon Senna Leaves (If easily available) 2 Tablespoon Carom/Celery Seeds, mix all together and grind to make powder supplement. Take 1 teaspoon in the morning and 1 teaspoon ½ hour before every meal. It will give you an extra boost to lose your body fat. You will feel very lightweight after having this homemade supplement. It will also help to burn fat gradually and permanently.

6- Stay consistent and constant to workout to achieve your goal.

You cannot lose weight if you avoid this weight loss tip. Start exercise, running, walk, or any type of work out whatever you like and you can do it easily. But when you start don’t ever be lazy about this. Many people get excited for some days when they decide to lose their weight but within days their excitement level falls down and they go back to old routine life.  Do your best to perform best during exercise and workouts. Stay consistent and constant to this job if you do this, no one can stop you to achieve your goal to have ideal weight and body shape. Put your favorite Running or workout shoes on and start the workout, running walking etc..Clothes matters, but shoes matter a lot to easy move ahead. Start chasing your goal today. I am going to see you smart and fit as you want to be!