It is important to consider that the biggest concern of the world’s population is “Weight management” which not only includes weight loss but weight gain also. Over a period of time weight gain industry has gained a remarkable business by selling “Artificial formulas” in the form of pills, powders, and shakes. Among them, all “pills” are most common and frequently sold formulas which highlight them to be our today’s topic of discussion. But here We are going to talk about the perfect Diet to gain weight. As you manage your diet, you will get the weight gain naturally and permanently. no more weight gail pills

Who is most likely to use these pills?

A couple of reasons have been found to promote the development of this Industry. Firstly, weight gain pills are most likely to be used by Athletes, Bodybuilders, and people having a high metabolic rate. Secondly, the women with a skinny figure or teenagers with a lean appearance and to deal with some medical or surgical conditions. People nowadays are quite eager to do everything to get fast results. This is the main reason they become fascinated by the false claims of these products. In fact, if they search their labels, they might come to know all the truth about these pills.

Weight gain pills – What they are and how they actually work?

In other words, weight gain pills are actually drugs and supplements that are claimed to help gain weight. Mostly the weight gain pills include some kind of herbs, steroids, hunger stimulators, multivitamins, mood stabilizers, anti-depressants or psychiatric drugs. Pills are just a trap to make people believe that they will gain weight by using them with a healthy diet. But on the other hand, if you consume a proper healthy diet you automatically gain weight and meet your ideal weight goals without using these pills. Most of the pills include multivitamins. It is obvious that if a person having nutrients deficiency he/she might be having a problem with weight and when you overcome deficiencies you automatically gain weight.

In result, Pills are not a solution for this, one can easily manage it with a balanced diet. Some pills include hunger stimulators that make people eat more and gain weight. The key to health is not just eating more but to eat a balanced diet. These kinds of pills including mood stabilizers and anti-depressants tend to make people feel good and eat more. Moreover, pills that include herbs are most likely to have anti-inflammatory properties which lead the body to get rid of inflammation and make you gain weight. Further, these kind of pills having steroids are most common among body-builders and athletes. These steroids have an anabolic effect on body muscles that tend to make them look more muscular and gain weight.

Weight gain pills – Myths vs Facts:

These are assumed to be magical pills that go inside the body and make a person gain weight without any effort. To clarify, it is mentioned on some pills that these must be accompanied with a healthy balanced diet and exercise. These are claimed to be natural and have no side effects. So let us separate this myth from the fact that they are completely artificial capsules having steroids in them. And may have side effects like mood swings and mood disorders, irritability, Kidney problems, Liver problems, hormonal imbalance, enlarged heart, menstruation problem in women while shrinking testicles, Breast development, and Prostate cancer in men.

Weight gain pills – Effective or not?

These Weight gain pills are just effective in a way, that they tend to make you eat more. Therefore, the multivitamins in them help overcome deficiencies to gain weight. Gaining weight and being healthy is very important. So just by consuming a pill, you would not be able to achieve the desired results. Apart from consuming these pills, it is also important to work out regularly and eat nutritious food to gain healthy weight. If you are looking for a permanent solution then you are exactly in the right place.

Weight gain pills vs Weight gain diet:

A healthy weight gain diet is always better than having weight gain pills for a lot of reasons like:

  • Natural
  • Effective
  • No side effects
  • Permanent solution

Diet to gain weight what actually weight gain diet is?

Weight gain diet has a positive energy balance which means eat more and burn less. A diet that contains more calories than the body’s requirement is said to be a caloric dense weight gain diet. One can easily gain weight when he/she consume more calories than the calories they burn each day. It is roughly estimated to consume 500 more calories than actual body requirement daily. There are two types of weight gain:

  1. Muscle Gain
  2. Fat Gain

Among them, muscle gain is always a focus. A well-balanced weight gain diet plan includes healthy calories from all the food groups (Cereals, Meat, Milk, Vegetables and Fruits. Of them all, we caloric dense and nutrient denser food items are always preferred. Just because people know that they need extra calories they go for different options like junk food, processed food, bakery items, soft drinks and etc. But let me make you very clear about this concept, these practices will only make you gain unhealthy weight. In a way that your body undergoes through nutrient deficiencies and just gaining the fat.

This is never ever a preferred mean of adding calories to your diet. Quantity and quality both are a great concern in order to manage weight (either weight gain or weight loss). Each food is different in its composition and contributes differently to total calories. Although, one must have deep knowledge in order to formulate the diet plan. In this case, visiting a professional is always the best option.

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What to eat?

Here are some general guidelines and diet to gain weight in healthy ways:

Carbohydrates are the major energy contributing nutrient in the body. The body must contain carbs from all healthy and natural sources like whole wheat grains, fruits and vegetables and not from white flour, junk food, processed food, and soft drinks. In addition, proteins are important to build muscles and healthy fat will contribute to your wellness.


Looking to cereals group, you must go for whole wheat grains like whole wheat bread brown/ bran bread, multi-grain bread, cereals, brown rice, and brown pasta and must avoid white flour, white bread, white rice, and pasta.


It is good news for everyone that all vegetables contribute healthy calories to the diet. So you can have any vegetable in your diet.


All fruits are not having the same composition, some are more caloric dense just like banana, avocado, and dates. Including fresh fruits, dry fruits are the best contributing factors in a healthy weight.


One must go for whole milk, which is also called full-fat milk.


Look for quality when selecting meat. Avoid all forms of processed meat and go for natural sources.


Keep yourself hydrated. Nothing will work well if your body is not hydrated.


Exercise is the key to health gain. It is just a myth that if you are trying to gain weight just avoid exercise and rest a lot. Exercise is important as it tones up your muscles and makes you feel energetic.

Best tips to eat healthily and gain weight:

  1. Aim for regular meals
  2. Never skip breakfast
  3. Add variety to your meals
  4. Be active
  5. Be hydrated

A word from The Open Ways:

In Short, Say no to weight gain pills. Gaining weight with a healthy diet is easy, effective and everlasting. It will fill your body with nutrients, boost your energy levels, keep you healthy and most importantly add quality to your life.