Grilling is an art, and if you have a good grill obviously you going to have something good out of the grill. Some people like charcoal grills and some like Gas grills. Gas grills provide much easy and time-saving experience. But here we have listed some gas grills that can bring you an excellent experience and good value for the money. 

  • Durability 95% 95%
  • Performance 90% 90%

Charbroil is a company that producing many quality cooking accessories since 1948 in the U.S.

We are going to reveal a 4 burner cart style big gas grill. This is the perfect barbecue grill to use at home’s patio, backyard. The grill’s cooking surface with 23inches wide and 18.5 inches deep is big enough to have a lot of stuff on the grill at a time. In addition, the 20.2 inches x 7.4 inches warming rack is ideal for buns or cooked food to keep on it.

Most importantly, the Cast iron grill grates are durable and good to have nice grill marks on the food. There is electric ignition to fire up the grill and a side burner to cook extra food. But the main burners are 4 to have a wide temperature range with the control knob. Further, the lid-mounted temperature gauge is wow addition to monitor the heat. The shelf on the side is a useful addition to the grill. So it offers a space to keep your sauces, seasoning, etc.. on it.

In short, this easy to clean and easy to use gas grill is one of the best grills in the list of top 8 best gas grills

  • Side Burner with Lid
  • Stainless Steel Burners & Heat Tent
  • Cast Iron Solid Grate
  • Easy Cleanup Removable Grease Tray
  • Temperature Gauge
  • Easy Mobility Casters
  • Stability Stand
  • Side Shelf
  • Electronic Ignition For Fast Startups
  • Low Price As compare to Other Grills With Same Features
  • None
  • Durability 97% 97%
  • Performance 95% 95%

This is the best grill with many functionalities. First of all, the structure is solid because of stainless steel on the body. That makes the grill long lasting and durable. The grill has for stell’s main burner with total 60000 BTUs. And one side burner with electric ignition system for extra cooking. Moreover, there is a shelf on the side to keep the seasoning, sauces and cooked stuff on it. It is easy to move grill with four casters/wheels.

Now we come to the grill’s surface. The main surface of the grill is 462.3sq inches with ultra-fine grates. Grates are the most important part of a grill and these are grates you get something special out of the grill. Whenever we review any grill, first we look at the grill’s grates and second we go to the whole structure of the grill. So the grates are great of this grill. There is also a secondary cooking surface with 164.5 sq inch area to keep warm your buns or cooked food.

In addition, the Heating system with angled flame tamers is good to distribute heat evenly and vaporize food drippings into the smoky infusion. Moreover, there is a heat control system with a gauge on the top main lid. So you can set your required temperature according to the food. This gas grill offers a spacious cooking area and distributes consistent heat across the entire grill’s surface and reduce flare-ups. In Conclusion, this 4 burners propane gas grill by Nexgrill is the best grill to have an awesome grilling experience.

  • Stainless Steel Wrapped Cooking Grids
  • Stainless Steel Side Burner
  • 4 Casters For Easy Mobility Stainless Steel Main Burners
  • Electronic Ignition for Each Burner
  • Stainless Steel Side Shelf
  • Temperature Gauge

Assembling the Grill is Little bit Technical Task (Watch Video)

  • Durability 90% 90%
  • Performance 85% 85%

Weber is a well-known brand and producing high-quality cooking types of equipment, like charcoal, gas and electric outdoor grills. Here we are going to talk about weber’s best and advanced grill, Weber Stephen Genesis II 340. The grill has the latest system called GS4.

What is GS4?

The GS4 grilling system an advanced technology grilling system by Weber. The GS4 high-performance system depends on 4 major elements.

1- Infinity Ignition

2- High-Performance Burner Tubes

3- Flavorizer Bars

4- Grease Management

Infinity Ignition

The system infinity ignition allows ignite every time with an internal switch.

High-Performance Burner Tubes

The Burner Tube System allows the consistent heat flow to all over the cooking grate.

Flavorizer Bar

These are angled bars to vaporize the drippings of food to add a real smoky flavor to the food. If any drippings are not vaporized, gets funneled away down to the Grease Management system.

Grease Management system

This system helps to remove grease and drippings that are not vaporized. It’s just to remove the disposable drip tray, located under the cook box.

The Grill has finest Cast Iron cooking grates which retain heat to provide professional grilling experience. All burners can be easily set up to the required setting rather its high or low heat.

The gauge on the top is also helpful to maintain the temperature. There is a folding warming rack to keep your food warm and fresh. The side shelf is wide enough and has three integrated tool hook on it. So you can use the shelf and hook your tools at the same time.

Moreover, there is a side burner that can be helpful to cook your extra food while your main course gets ready under the lid.

Further, the Good feature is an extra Knob called the sear station that provides an intense heat zone to add sear marks to your meat.

In addition, the grill has igrill 3 ready, advance digital monitoring system. So you can easily monitor the temperature of the food on your mobile device. But to have this feature ready you have to buy it separately. The easy to read fuel gauge lets you see how much fuel is left in the tank(Only For LP).

In Conclusion, This is an Excellent grill with advanced features.


  • 1 Side Burner
  • Sear Station To put Quick Sear Marks on Meat
  • Porcelain-enameled Cast Iron Grates
  • Porcelain-Enameled Lid, good to Retain The Heat
  • Warming Rack
  • igrill 3 App Connectivity To the Cellphone
  • Fuel Gauge (LP Only)
  • Flavorizer Bars for Smoky Flavour
  • Grease Management and easy Cleaning System
  • Infinity Ignition, quick start
  • Perfect Heat Distribution, Maximum Temperature in Minimum Time
  • Temperature gauge
  • Damaged Grill parts Upon Delivery, In some Case
  • Durability 92% 92%
  • Performance 93% 93%

This another solid grill from charbroil with 2 burners, 24000 BTUs is one of the best gas grills. This gas grill has many features to provide an awesome grilling experience. The primary cooking surface is wide enough with 300 sq inches and secondary warming surface is 100 sq inches wide. The allover structure with a cabinet is strong and durable.

Moreover, the system of heat control with electronic ignition knobs and lid mounted temperature gauge provides a perfect grilling experience. Two folding shelves are really helpful to put some extra stuff on these. The long-lasting burners of this grill are made with stainless steel and offer a wide temperature with precise control. It is easy to clean the grill with removable porcelain coated grease pan.

  • 2 Main Burners
  • Porcelain Coated Cast Iron Grates
  • Stainless Steel Lid
  • Lid Mounted Temperature Gauge
  • 4casters, 2 Casters With Locks
  • Warming Rack
  • Electronic Ignition for Fast Startup
  • Removable Grease Pan
  • Two Folded Side Shelves
  • Arrived Damaged Upon Arrival, In Some Cases
  • Durability 88% 88%
  • Performance 83% 83%

Spirit E 310 is the best product by Weber, it’s good to have super fine grilling experience. This grill is available for both types, liquid propane, and natural gas. Grill Holds the new GS4 feature and it’s a good addition according to price. The Cast Iron grate is solid enough and has a porcelain-enameled coating on it. The cooking surface is wide with 529 sq inches cooking space. In addition, the warming rack is good to keep buns or food on it. Moreover, there is a fuel gauge to measure fuel in the tank, but it is available for only the LP model. Two side shelves with integrated hooks to hold tools provides user ease.

  • Porcelain-Enameled Cast Iron Cooking Grates
  • Perfect heat Distribution
  • Quick Infinity Ignition
  • Flavorzer Bars
  • Grease Management & Cleaning System
  •  2 Side Shelves with hooks
  • Fuel Gauge (LP Model Only)
  • warming Rack
  • Temperature Gauge
  • Difficult Assembling
  • Grill Surface is not good enough to  Get Hot Quickly & Properly
  • Warming Rack is Thin & not Strong enough

If you are going for camping and picnic take gaintex propane gas grill along with you. This portable two burner grill is a perfect one for an outdoor party. The grill offers total of 20000 BTUs and provides high temperature in minimum time duration. This easy to carry grill with foldable legs is lightweight to carry it like a Suitcase. The foldable lid has a temperature gauge on top to measure temperature. Moreover, the cooking area is 22’’x18’’ wide that is suitable for home usage and perfect for camping, tailgating, picnic, and boating.   

  • 2 High-Efficiency Burners
  • Table Top Model
  • Light Weight And Foldable Design To Move It Easily
  • Foldable Legs & Lockable Hood
  • Gas Burner Controls May Severe Quality Control issues
  • No Grease Management & Cleaning System
  • No Heat Consistency
  • Durability 86% 86%
  • Performance 92% 92%

Are you looking slim and smart portable grill, so that you can add more fun to your trip. Here you go! We are going to talk about Coleman road trip portable propane grill. The grill has 2 burner controls with 11000 BTUs power. This grill looks small but grill’s surface has 225 sq inches space, that is good have a better quantity to be grilled at a time. No need for matchbox because there is push-button ignition for matchless lighting. This easy to move and easy to carry grill has 2 wheels on one side and a stand on the other side so you can move easily and make it stand for the stable Grilling. Moreover, the side shelf is medium wide for resting utensils and sauces.      

  • Adjustable Gas Setting
  • Instastrat Ignition Push Button
  • Cast iron Grill Grates
  • Easy Setup & Swappable Cook tops
  • Grease Management System is Not Too Good

This is another best gas grill to use it for outdoor. The grill is portable and it is easy to carry along with you to the picnic.  Grilling surface area is 145 sq inches wide that is good for normal usage. The burner is powerful with 5500 BTUs and made with stainless steel that is longlasting. The grill has Solid Porcelain enameled grate to have nice grilled out of the grill. The foldable aluminum legs and carrying handle make the grill easy to pack and carry it like a suitcase.

  • Wide & Solid Grill Surface
  • Porcelain-Enameled Grates
  • Foldable Aluminum Legs
  • Briefcase Style Carrying Handle
  • 2 Stainless Steel Burners
  • Plastic Handle Is not Durable and Gets Melted On even Normal Heat
  • Ignition System Is not Long Lasting